Cushie Tushies are Australia’s best modern cloth nappy!

Cushie Tushies award winning stylish products are designed in Australia for mums and bubs. We’ve been covering bums and protecting our earth since 2005. Explore our amazing range of nappies and accessories!


Healthier for bub, Healthier for the environment , Way cheaper than disposables. Personally I think it helped our son toilet train early. He took longer on all his milestones but this one and was dry day and night by his 2nd birthday with training that he pretty much did himself. Thanks for a great product :)

Cara & Sam

I've just tried Cushie Tushies on my 13 week old. These nappies have just become my favourite nappies in my collection. The nappy contained the poo perfectly. And with using a bamboo liner, the clean up was minimal and so easy. I'm impressed!!

Megan & Henry

Love the three chameleon nappies I received, very stylish and soft. I was very impressed in how the OSFM system works without the front snaps to adjust, makes the nappy so much nicer looking without snaps all over the front. I found the nappies to be easy to work out and had no hassle fitting them to my dear daughter. I found them such a great fit on her, so snug and not too bulky either with both inserts. Found they lasted especially for a trip to the shops without leaking. Dear daughter is a very heavy wetter and after 2 and a half hours she still did not feel damp, nice and absorbent.

Samantha & Arlo

Cushie Tushies have come out on top for me. The designs are lovely. The fit on my bub is perfect (oh and i can adjust this for the next bubby too as they are osfm) The nappies are very absorbent and have not leaked.


Having used MANY brands of re-usable nappies I have found that these are definitely the ones that are the best thought out:
Easy to work out for different sizes. I used the same size for both my 3yrs old for nights and my newborn. So they will be well worn when my newborn grows up.


Award Winning

Cushie Tushies Nappy Days Blog

Cloth Nappies - How easy can they be!?

Can you remember back to the day you started using cloth nappies? Did you feel unqualified for the job? Did you ever feel it would be one of the most confusing and onerous tasks in your journey through parenthood?

Me neither.

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Cloth Nappies & Daycare

Being a working Mumma the time quickly came that my boys had to have a couple of days a week at Day Care so that I could devote some much needed time to this little biz of mine.

My initial approach to my Day Care centre about using cloth on my boys was full of uncertainty and concern though to which I was quite shocked. I suppose that Cloth Nappies were such an obvious choice for me but it turns out it wasn't such a simple choice for a day care provider.

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The Energy Cost of Cloth Nappies

Ever met someone who just couldn’t believe that cloth nappies were less energy intensive than disposable nappies?

I’m not sure where this mentality comes from because to me, less chemicals, less plastics and less waste seems like a pretty cut-and-closed win for cloth nappies over disposables!

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