EXPO Premium Starter Pack of 6

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Please pop your 6 Chameleon Cloth Nappy, Swim Nappy, Bamboo Wipes 5pk and Nappy Wetbag colour choices into the text box above or pop them into an email for us! Click on the orange links to see available colour choices!

6 nappies equal one day's worth of nappy changes, and in conjunction with the free accessories included in this pack, you have the perfect range to get started on your cloth nappy journey. 

Our Special Premium Get Started Pack Contains:
6x Chameleon Modern Cloth Nappies including 6 booster sets, plus 
1x Accessories Pack - which includes:
5x Bamboo Reusable Cloth Wipes, FREE!
1x roll of 100 Flushable Liners, FREE!
1x 50ml Nappy Change Spray, FREE!
1x 50ml Premium Laundry Detergent for modern cloth nappies), FREE!
1x Waterproof Nappy Wetbag, FREE!
1x Prefold Night Booster, FREE!
1x pair of luxurious & soft Breastpads, FREE!
1x Award Winning Aqua Reusable Swim Nappy FREE!!!

Pack value = $335, Yours for only $235! That's a saving of over $100!!

Check out our product demonstration video to see how to put your Chameleon cloth nappies on a newborn and older baby, or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to send us an email!