How many do I need?

Cushie Tushies recommends having 24 nappies for full-time use. This is enough nappies for around 2 ½ days’ wear – when one day’s worth of nappies are in use, 
the other day’s worth is in the wash, with a few to spare..

We find that having less nappies, and therefore using each nappy more frequently, means each nappy gets a much bigger work-out and deteriorates faster, which may mean they do not last from birth to toilet training. By having a good sized stash, you are spreading the wear and tear over a larger number of nappies, helping them to last over a longer period of time.

Choosing the right bulk pack

Once you have decided whether to use cloth part or full time and how frequently you wish you wash, you can work out how many nappies you need to purchase.

You can make good savings by buying in bulk. As mentioned above, our Full Time Pack includes the recommended 24 nappies.

If you are just trying Cushie Tushies for the first time, you may like to go for one of our smaller bulk packs – the ‘Get Started’ and ‘Half Time’ are the best choices 
if you’re still not 100% decided and just want to give it a go.

If you know you want to use cloth part time, for example just at home or just whilst on maternity leave, then our ‘Half Time Pack’ would be ideal.

When purchasing a bulk pack, you can choose any combination of colours that you like!

How long will they last?

As you can imagine, any piece of clothing that is wee’d and poo’d on every other day really is taking a fair beating and probably not won’t look like new 
after a couple of years. Remember, modern cloth nappies are reusable, not indestructible!

However, by taking a few precautions and following our simple wash and care instructions, in particular having enough nappies in your rotation, using the right detergent and washing your nappies daily in plenty of water, your Cushie Tushies should easily last for 2-3 years and see your baby through to toilet training.