Sanitary Pads

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It’s time you gave yourself a little bit of luxury! MamaMinx sanitary pads are a modern take on an old-fashioned product that is very simple to use and provides an effective alternative to disposable pads. Not only will they save you money, but more importantly, they are so much more comfortable than the disposable options!

Secure to your underwear with snaps (rather than adhesive tape). To change, fold in half and snap together, easily avoiding any mess!

Available in three sizes and levels of absorbency: Scanties are the smallest at 22cms long, a bit bigger than a panty liner and ideal for a very light flow or mid-cycle spotting. Midzies are the ‘regular’ size at around 24cms long and suitable for a medium menstrual flow. Bigzies are your overnight pad at 30cms long, also suitable for a heavy menstrual and post partum flow. Each pack contains two pads (one pair). Please note sample photos of prints may vary to prints received.

You would use as many per day, on average, as you would disposables. To save on frequency of washing, you may wish to have enough to last a full period.