Premium Laundry Detergent for Modern Cloth Nappies

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Increase the performance of your nappies with our Premium Laundry Detergent. Cushie Tushies Premium Laundry Detergent destroys allergens, lifts all soiling and proteins out of the fabrics without leaving any residue, is safe on sensitive skin, gentle on fabrics and is greywater and septic safe!

Why do we recommend our detergent over any other brand?

Well, fabric like bamboo – indeed, any kind of towel, be it cotton or bamboo – needs a very basic, very plain detergent. Any of the bells and whistles will stop the fabric doing it’s job of being absorbent. The oils contained in softeners coat the fibres of the fabric and build up to the point where the fabric is unable to absorb at all, the wee simply runs off and out the leg holes. Optical brighteners can actually be corrosive on natural fibres over time, so best to avoid them or you’ll end up with holes in your boosters. And other added enzymes, such as perfumes, well they are just best avoided for the health of your baby’s sensitive skin!

Cushie Tushies Premium Laundry Detergent is the only detergent we've tested that will keep your nappies clean, maintain absorbency and get rid of all smells! The key to success here is not to use more than the recommended dose and make sure you use plenty of water in your washing machine.

Our highly concentrated formula works out to 90c per wash.

Recommended use for average wash cycle:
Front-load machines;
Normal Wash - 1 caps
Heavy & Soiled Wash - 2 caps
Top-load machines;
Normal Wash - 2 caps
Heavy & Soiled Wash - 3 caps

Suitable for use with all brands of modern cloth nappy.