Why are my nappies leaking?

Step 1: Get the fit right

One of the things our mums and dads tell us they love most about Cushie Tushies is our one-size design. The way you can adjust it to fit babies of different shapes and sizes as they grow. At each nappy change, you can grab any nappy and put it on, adjusting the fit on the spot. You're not locked into any "size" at any stage.

Like any kind of nappy, if the leg holes are gaping or the back waist is loose….you get the picture! 

To get started, check out our demo video. We go through fitting your cushie tushie on newborns and older babies. And if you get stuck, give us a call! We are always here to help.

Step 2: Prepare New Nappies correctly

Prior to first use, soak the Bamboo Boosters in plain cold water for 8 hours, then wring gently and dry thoroughly. Wash the Covers separately in a regular wash with an environmentally friendly laundry detergent. We recommend a warm gentle wash only (40ºc) as excessive heat will degrade the fabric over time. This pre-soak and wash treatment will insure that your nappies are ready to absorb when it comes time to use them!

Step 3: Set yourself up for success!

Perhaps I should have mentioned this first, but the key to success with cloth nappies, as with learning anything new, is to approach it with confidence and preparation!

Many people who are expecting their first baby, or who are aiming to switch from using disposables to modern cloth, ask us "how do I do it? What do I need?"

Best thing is to have enough of everything you need stashed on your nappy change station. For full-time cloth use, a good 2 dozen nappies are recommended. Have them all put together and ready to go within easy arms' reach from bub's bare bum, along with your cloth wipes and nappy liners. We like to have a waterproof nappy bag hanging off the side of the change table, ready to stash the soiled nappies.

Change your baby often. Every 2-3 hours during the day is advised, for the health of baby's sensitive skin. Get yourself in the habit of changing after bub wakes up and again before s/he goes back to sleep.

Work out how much your baby wees! If he drinks a lot and wees a lot then you'll need to add plenty of absorbency to the nappies, especially overnight.

And last but not least, establish a washing routine, either at night after bub is in bed or first thing in the morning. Every day. Yes I know this is the boring bit, but it's not for the rest of your lives, and trust me, your baby will thank you for making the effort to keep their tushie in such gentle, beautiful fabrics!

If you get stuck at any stage, don't despair! Give us an email anytime – we're here to help!