Using Cushie Tushies Overnight

Quite often we hear people say, 'Oh I use cloth during the day but disposables overnight', and when I ask why, it seems that the parent doesn't want to risk waking up at night to change wet nappies, PJ's, sheets and blankets…. Well, it's only human nature to want a decent night's sleep I guess.

And I'm here to tell you, that here at Cushie Tushies we LOVE our sleep too! And we love our babies to feel comfy in cloth overnight too.

There are a few options to achieving a full night's sleep in cloth, and your success rate really depends on understanding what level of absorbency your baby requires, bearing in mind that babies who sleep well overnight tend to wet less than they do during the day, because they're not drinking as much as they do during the day. Also bearing in mind that cloth has a finite level of absorbency, so you need to boost the nappy more than daytime level so that it will last all night long!

Moderate-level wetting babies usually get through a full night using a Chameleon cloth nappy with both boosters in place plus a cloth Night Booster. Usually, this combination is suitable from birth up to approximately 12 months of age – older if your baby doesn't start drinking loads more at the 12-month mark.

If you're blessed with a heavy wetting younger bub, your best bet is to use a Chameleon Cloth Nappy and Night Booster combined with one of our Eco Disposable Singles Inserts. The Singles, made with bamboo fibres, are very low allergenic on bub's sensitive skin, completely free of any nasty chemicals, and 100% biodegradable, yet they are VERY absorbent, soaking up to around 4 cups of liquid! That's a lot of wee!

So there you go, a number of night nappy options that will keep you well steer of the disposable nappy aisle in the supermarket!