Travelling with cloth nappies made easy with Cushie Tushies


We’re at the time where we are looking towards the end of the year: summer; sun; beaches; holidays… too much talk like this and I’ll be hauling out the bikini, sliding on the shades and leaning back whilst telling my kids that yes, ice-cream is fine for dinner…

Thinking about holidays gets me thinking about traveling; which gets me thinking about packing; which gets me thinking about nappies. Nappies on holidays. Do you go cloth or do you go disposable?

It’s easy to think that going disposable is going to give you a nice, relaxed time where you don’t have to think about washing nappies every day (or every second day). But then I think about the amount of time I spend on washing, hanging out, folding and putting away nappies in a 24 hour period (less than 5 minutes – yep, I timed myself once when I was REALLY bored during winter. Being housebound will do that crazy stuff to your head) and the reasons why we decided to use cloth nappies in the first place – less cost, less chemicals and less environmental impact. Why should I get all upset about 5 minutes a day and compromise on those things that made me go cloth in the first place?

When I really think about it, doing cloth nappies on holidays isn’t really a big deal. It’s probably just one of those times when we tend to favour convenience (see reference to ice-cream in paragraph 1…) without really thinking. Is it really that difficult to take your nappies with you? But, I hear you say, I like to holiday in a remote cave where our access to water is limited and I do not want to sully the surrounding pristine environment with detergents! Read on my friend, see what others have done with cloth before you… 

Here’s some real life examples of using cloth on holidays.

I’ll start with me. Last Christmas my whole family rented a beach house together - 3 families with young kids and my Mum in the one house. Some might say it was crazy, but hey, we had a blast. Being in a house meant that we had ready access to a laundry and washing machine, so the thought of swapping to disposable nappies never even crossed my mind. I threw used nappies into a wetbag and washed once a day. Just like at home, no extra worries. 

A customer recently contacted us about her experience of traveling with a young baby in Cushie Tushies and agreed to be quoted for this blog:

“We just went away for the weekend for several social events (he was the only baby) [and] we were absolutely fuss free with zero leakage cloth nappies and breast pads, as well as smell free wet bags” (Emily Pagano, 2013)

To me, it’s not much different to when you are at home and in your usual cloth nappy routine. 

But what if you are doing something a little more intrepid? Like camping? Argh, how could a sane person go camping AND use cloth nappies? 

A quick whiz around the virtual Cushie Tushies workroom and I found quite a few instances of Cushie Tushies staffers who have done the cloth thing whilst exploring the great outdoors: Simone, one of our Consultants, has done a few camping trips and highly recommends camping with our Singles eco-disposable inserts and Chameleon nappy covers. She once tried camping with cloth before the Singles came out and reckons it wasn’t much fun, however she’s done a few camping trips with Singles and hasn’t had an issue at all. 

Because the Singles eco-disposable inserts are made completely from plant material, they are very easy to dispose of in a drop loo, rubbish bin or can be buried (following the usual precautions you take when digging a toilet for yourself in the bush!). The Tadpole or Chameleon nappy covers usually only need to be rinsed out and they dry quickly, so you can focus on having fun with nature. 

Now I’m hearing a cry of “But I’m going to be driving for hours every day! Washing cloth nappies is just going be a nuisance!” Bend your ear closer here. Allison, another one of our Consultants has done a trip from Broome to Kununurra with Chameleon covers and Singles eco-disposable inserts. She says, “[It] was easy as – I think disposables would have been more difficult to carry around until I found a bin for them. With the Singles I could bury or bin depending on where we were.” 

And Cath has driven from Sydney to Adelaide and back again using our Chameleon cloth nappies the entire time – she stored the soiled nappies in wetbags in their car’s roof-top luggage pod during the drive. 

The ultimate driving trip with cloth goes, however, to our founder Michelle, who did a huge caravanning trip with a child in nappies. She said she took cloth and disposables with her (this was before Singles were available), but found the cloth easier and nicer to use. She rinsed the nappies well and washed every couple of days at a caravan park. 

But what if you are going overseas? Surely that’s got to be haaaaard… 

Believe it or not, we have a consultant who has done Thailand with her babe, using Chameleon covers and Singles eco-disposable inserts and another customer who has traveled to the USA using the same set-up (she could buy compatible inserts whilst over there). Yep, those Singles are certainly proving themselves to be an essential part of traveling with cloth and keeping your sanity. 

Because let’s face it. Whether your holiday is for a weekend or a month; whether you are just tripping an hour or so away or traveling long haul to get to your happy place, your holiday is all about relaxation and hanging out with those you love, doing exactly what you want. 

There is no reason why disposables are your only option whilst on holidays – the mamas listed here have done it in cloth before and highly recommend it as a more favourable alternative to plastic disposable nappies. There’s no reason why you can’t do it too! 

Have you done a holiday with a child in cloth nappies? What sort of holiday did you do and how did cloth nappies fit into your time away?