The what, why & how of Cloth Wipes

One of the things I really love about Cushie Tushies is that we have thought of everything to make cloth nappying as easy as possible.

For instance, once you decide to use cloth nappies instead of throwing out disposables, it feels strange to be using disposable wipes and using those little plastic bags to throw them out. 

Plus you are still adding to landfill.
And disposable wipes and plastic bags don't break down all that easily.

Plus those sweet-smelling, moist wipes contain heaps of different chemicals to make them, well, sweet-smelling and moist.

So today I'm going to introduce you to Cushie Tushies cloth wipes. 

These little beauties are double-layered: one side is silky minky with a cute design (wipes are available in nearly all the nappy designs and a couple of solid colours) and the other side is super-soft bamboo velour. They don't pull on delicate baby skin and don't contain horrible chemicals. 

So which side do you use to clean at nappy changes? Completely your choice. I choose to use the bamboo side, because I think it picks up mess really well – rather than just smearing it around as I found disposable wipes often did - then I might do a quick wipe with the minky side to dry off. However I know others who do the reverse: clean with minky, dry off with bamboo. Whatever which way you want to do it, they do the job perfectly.

Once a wipe has been used, just throw it in a dry bucket with your nappies and wash them in your usual nappy wash. Really no extra work. I sometimes give them a rinse before putting them in the bucket, but only if I can be bothered. Mine have been used every day for over two years and they are still washing clean with no stains.
Cushie Tushies cloth wipes partner perfectly with Cushie Tushies Natural Foaming Sanitiser, or you can just wet them down a little with some water. I do both at different times depending on what I feel like at the time. 

I also know some people who use these wipes at bub's bath time and they do make excellent washers. Perfect for wiping down bub's face after mealtimes. So gentle, they do a brilliant job of wiping sore little noses when they have a cold. Plus you can choose a different design for different uses to save them getting mixed up.
So there are plenty of reasons for you to get into Cushie Tushies cloth wipes whether you are cloth nappying or not. They are simply the best, gentlest and cutest cloth wipes out there.