The Chameleon nappy system & how to use it

Enter the Chameleon cloth nappy by Cushie Tushies. It's called the "Chameleon" because it changes and adapts as your baby grows! Let’s have a bit of a closer look at it, shall we?

The Chameleon is made up of three parts: the nappy cover, a snap in booster and a mini booster. Here’s how each part is important...

Nappy cover:

Obviously, this is the outside of the nappy that you see when it is on your baby and it consists of three layers: outside is the beautiful minky that comes in so many vibrant colours and designs; inside is soft, quick-drying microfleece against bub's skin and sandwiched in between is a layer of polyurethane laminate or PUL. PUL is a fabric that is completely waterproof, so you get no leaks, but it is also breathable, so bub's skin will not get hot and sweaty. 

The nappy cover is shaped like a disposable, with elastic around the legs and across the back for a great fit. Plenty of snaps around the waist enable you to have a custom fit for your child, whether they are a newborn or almost ready to toilet train.

Snap-in Booster: 

This is the largest booster in the nappy. It is able to be snapped into the nappy cover with press studs to keep it securely in place or folded over to perfectly fit a little newborn. It is made from highly absorbent bamboo and cotton, which makes them naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal. No need for soaking in sanitiser after use! A layer of microfleece next to bub's skin ensures all wetness is drawn away from the skin and into the booster, while the poo stays on top for easy cleaning. The Snap-in Booster also features elastic around the legs, which forms a double gusset with the nappy cover to guard against leaks and explosions, as well as an excellent poo fence at the back to protect you from awful up-the-back poo-splosions!

Mini Booster: 

Created from the same bamboo/cotton as the snap in booster with a layer of microfleece on top. The mini booster can lie either on top or underneath the snap-in booster and provides added absorption.

Sometimes people have asked me why the Cushie Tushies Chameleon is in three parts? It's simply so the washing and drying of your nappies is made easier for you. With the nappy in three parts, they dry much more quickly and easily than if all those layers were sewn together as one. In my experience, the nappy covers dry in about an hour, even in cooler weather. The boosters take longer as they are where all the absorbent material is, but mine have never taken longer than 24 hours (on those autumn or spring days when there might not be quite enough sun, but it's not quite cold enough to put the heater on – I live in what is known to be one of the cooler temperature zone in Australia!). On a sunny day, they are put out on the washing line in the morning and are perfectly dry by about mid-afternoon. In winter they hang on an airer inside and are dried by the warm air from the heater overnight. Although Cushie Tushies are able to be tumble dried, I've never had the need to (yet!).

Quick note: how do you know if your boosters are perfectly dry? Easy peasy. Touch the bamboo side and if they feel cool at all, they are not dry yet. Putting your bub in boosters that are not dry means you risk leaks!

Washing is simple:

Once bub is finished with the nappy, put any solids in the toilet to flush away (Cushie Tushies Flushable Liners make this so very clean and easy to do) and then place the nappy into a dry nappy bucket (no water, no sanitiser) until you have enough for a load. Then place your nappies into the washing machine with just a little Cushie Tushies detergent and press go on your machine. A pre-wash, or rinse cycle before your actual wash cycle will ensure your nappies are spanking clean. Hang out to dry with your usual washing. That's it!