No Need For Nappies Anymore?

It might be hard for you to believe right now, but there will come a time in the not too distant future when you will have no need for your gorgeously colourful Cushie Tushies stash anymore.

Does that make you a little sad, or does it make you want to chill the champagne for that special day?

Can you imagine your life without your Cushies?

What on earth can you do with a stash of cloth nappies when you no longer need them?

Lots.  And loads of good.

There are so many people, both here in Australia and overseas, who will welcome your clean, well-loved cloth nappies with open arms when you are ready to get them out the door.  But where do you start?

And where does it leave you, an experienced, cloth nappy-loving parent?

Let’s go through your options - there’s plenty to choose from:

Sell them

Pop an ad on Gumtree or a local FB group and you’ll be surprised at how quickly they will be snapped up!  There are many thrifty parents who are constantly keeping an eye out for cheap, quality nappies to add to their stash.  You may even be able to sell them via word of mouth.

We also know that there are many Cushie Tushie parents who keep their eye out for much-loved prints that are no longer available: you might have just what they are looking for. 

Give Them Away

Got some friends expecting a new bub?  If they aren’t sure about using cloth, throw one of your Cushie Tushies their way so they can try them out.  You might even want to give them your entire stash!

A cloth-loving mama I know was quite emotional about passing on her stash and she admitted to almost “interviewing” friends who were interested in her stash to make sure they went to someone who would appreciate them as much as she did!

If you are happy for you nappies to go further afield, there are many organisations who collect cloth nappies that are in good condition and send them to communities who need them overseas.  A quick google search for “donate cloth nappies” will give you several options who you can contact to see what they are looking for and when their next shipment leaves.

Repurpose them

Terry flats, night boosters and cloth wipes make excellent absorbent drying cloths - if you can bring yourself to use them in that way!!   

Compost them

Any boosters that are made from natural fabrics (cotton, bamboo, hemp) can be composted.

How can you support cloth nappies when you don’t need to use them anymore?

You, wonderful cloth nappy parent, are one of the best advocates for spreading the cloth nappy love around.  Your positive experiences with cloth can continue to inspire others to use cloth nappies and support them in their cloth journey.  

Speak of your positive cloth nappy experiences and support parents when they need help and advice.  Keep flying the cloth nappy flag high!

There are ways that you can support cloth when those around you are expecting a new baby: reusable swim nappies make the best new baby gift, even if the new parents have chosen not to use cloth.  If parents are interested in cloth you can put together a gorgeous little cloth nappy gift pack!  

We’d love for all parents to continue to support the use of cloth nappies in their community even when your home is cloth nappy free!  Our aim is to spread the cloth nappy word far and wide, so you guys are a big part of that!

Let’s work together to bring cloth nappies into the lives of all babies!