Mini Nappies & the first 6 weeks

Over to Sally Bingham today, our Number 1 Consultant from Ballarat for her Guide to Mini Nappies during the first 6 weeks.

6 weeks ago our world was turned upside down for the third time - our third little boy was born. Just under 8 pounds of gorgeous squishy baby goodness, with the most incredible delicious new baby smell that I cuddled up to, skin on skin, for hours after his birth. His older brothers adore him and my husband and I love watching how they care for their baby brother - they get so excited when he opens his eyes and looks at them, they sit down next to him and read him books and they beg us for the opportunity to cuddle him. And while the night feeds are yet to wear me down, life is shaping up pretty well with this little one.

When I found out I was pregnant with this little bundle, we were already cloth nappy veterans having used Cushie Tushies on our second boy. He was toilet training at the time and there was no question that we would be using those same nappies on number 3. While many new parents wonder about their ability to do cloth nappies with a new baby, I was pretty confident we had this thing under control. The thing that certainly did concern me was how I was going to cope with three small children - my eldest is yet to hit 5, so my concern was about having enough energy to play with them, to give them the mum-time they needed, while still being able to function with a decent amount of energy in everyday life. The solution? I needed to make sure everything we did was as easy as possible, including our Cushie Tushies.

I made an executive decision to go with CT minis for the first few weeks. They would be easy to fit and easy to wash and dry. So I stocked up - I grabbed 10 minis, plus a couple of packs of mini prefolds and a pack of Eco Singles (I’ll explain about those Ecos later!). Past experience told me that this new little critter was going to go through around 10 nappies in a 24 hour period, so I was going to need at least 10 extra prefolds to make sure I always had some dry and ready to go. I didn’t want the pressure of not having quite enough nappies and waiting for some to dry to use for our next nappy change - that didn’t fit in with my view of making things as easy as possible!

So 10 minis and a couple packs of mini prefolds it was (those mini nappy covers dry SO quickly - I just rinsed them out as we went through the day and there were always some ready to go. Occasionally if he had a day of super-poos, I did a small wash in the morning and a small wash at night. No biggie.)

I’ve never been one to deny that I like to keep things as simple as possible. Believe it or not, that is one of the reasons I went with Cushie Tushies as my preferred cloth nappy: they were simple to use and I was relieved to know I wouldn’t have to bundle the kids into the car for rapid-fire shopping trips or deal with stinky bin syndrome. My desire to keep my hospital stay as easy as possible led me to sitting on my bedroom floor one afternoon with my mini covers, my pack of Eco Singles and a pair of scissors. I was about 38 weeks pregnant at the time and my husband, mother and mother-in-law were hounding me - apparently, I should have packed my hospital bag weeks ago. Who would have thought? I knew I wouldn’t be able to wash nappies in the hospital and I didn’t want to be waiting around for clean nappies to be brought in by my husband. And I wanted to avoid as much meconium as possible from getting onto my sweet nappies! So there I sat, cutting each Eco Single in half and placing them into the mini covers one by one. Took about 10 minutes of my time and it just so happens that half an Eco fits a mini cover absolutely perfectly. It was a perfect solution for this “I’ll take the easy road, thanks!” mama. Unfortunately, I can’t take the credit for the half an Eco + mini cover solution - that crown goes to one of our awesome consultants. But I think it is one that everyone should know, right?

And it worked brilliantly. Used Ecos went into the bin (and I knew they would decompose quickly without leaving a trace) and any mini covers were rinsed out and dried easily. Once we came home I switched from using Ecos to the lush mini prefolds and we haven’t looked back. In fact, now that he has hit 6 weeks old we have moved onto using mini prefolds in our old Chameleon covers. Those mini covers get used every now and then, but mostly they are being stored away for another precious mama who is baking a third bub of her own. The Cushie love will be passed on.

I’m thrilled with how easily Cushies have worked for us in the first 6 weeks and I’m stoked that we’ve avoided disposable nappies (midwives and doctors in the hospital were incredibly curious and supportive of our use of cloth!). In fact, I plan on keeping a running total of the amount of disposable nappies we save from going to landfill and periodically let you know how that number grows.

So here’s our stats as of 6 weeks - we’ve been cloth from day 1. Amount of disposable nappies we’ve avoided sending to landfill: 425.