Customer experience: "Using Cushie Tushies on my firstborn"

After months of trying to get pregnant, I finally saw that second pink line on the stick. My dream had become reality! Naturally, excitement (& obsession) took over. I spent hours online looking at all the cute baby things I wanted to buy.

Unfortunately I miscarried and of course I was devastated. But I chose to stay positive and thought to myself, "At least I know it's possible. It'll happen again soon." Keeping in line with that positive attitude, I continued my quest and transformed our second bedroom into a nursery.

At the time my Aunty, who had been trying to have a baby for 16 years, was finally pregnant and was due any day. She was looking at Modern Cloth Nappies. I had never heard of them but liked the idea. So I researched every brand I could find. I found myself coming back to the Cushie Tushies website again and again. At first it was the gorgeous patterns and colours that I loved. But the more I looked around, the more I realised this was the brand for me.

The thought of saving so much money and being able to make such a positive impact on the environment was a major selling point for me. Add to that the fact that it would be a better choice for the baby I wanted so badly!

People kept saying, "Just wait until you're pregnant to start buying all that stuff." But it was my obsession for Modern Cloth Nappies that kept me positive about trying for a baby.

I eventually fell pregnant again and once I reached about 20 weeks, I decided I couldn't wait any longer to fill bub's room with those gorgeous nappies. So I went all out and bought a full time pack. We didn't find out the gender of our little Bumblebee (as we called him/her) so I bought a mix of all the prints. I must have watched the Cushie Tushies youtube videos a thousand times! I just couldn't wait to get a little bum in those fluffy nappies!!

I ended up having an emergency c-section at just over 40 weeks and so I spend a little more time in hospital than I'd like. While I was in hospital I used disposables and hated the fact that I had all these beautiful nappies at home that I wasn't using. As soon as I got home with Scarlett, she was put straight in her very first Cushie Tushie (which or course was Bumble Bee!!). I haven't looked back and my obsession only grew from there. I couldn't believe how easy they were to use & care for. They were a little bulky to begin with but that only made patting her bottom more fun for me! My husband loves them too (partly because he sees how happy I am every time she's done a poo. "Which nappy will we wear now, I always ask?")

Like a lot of mums, I was looking for ways to work from home so I could be at home with my babies as long as possible. I suddenly thought to myself, I was raving about these nappies to everyone I knew (even strangers) so why not look into starting my own business with them? I contacted the lovely Michelle who made my decision so simple. Before long I was officially a Cushie Tushies Consultant for the Toowoomba & surrounds area.

All my friends and family could see how much I loved the nappies and have said that they will be Cushie Tushies mums when they have babies too.

My mission is to spread the word as much as I can about the benefits of Modern Cloth Nappies and hopefully more and more people will be passionate like me. Who knows, we may even see the end of those nasty disposables once and for all!