Customer experience: "Solving night nappy dilemmas"

Emily writes: My daughter Josie is 2 and a bit years old and since she was about 16 months old has barely had a dry night in either cloth or disposable nappy options.

I had suspected she was a 'heavy wetter' early on but as she was breastfed and woke during the wee hours I was happy to change her at 3am or so and that way managed to get away with almost 16 months of exclusive cloth nappying.

I used a range of brands, including Cushie Tushies which I found to be reliable and great during the day. However, the next 9 or so months became a nightmare when it came to nights, as Josie began to sleep more solidly (14 hours on average) (edited to add: holy moly how do I get my kids to do that!) and wet more heavily. She also began to sleep on her tummy.

We live in Tasmania and as winter was upon us I had to resort to extreme measures - disposables with Wool Soakers or waterproof shells of cloth nappies over the top. Even so, she woke wet and cold almost every second morning.

What I have discovered is that it's not the volume of wee so much as that she does it all in one hit, effectively flooding nappies and it runs/seeps upwards into her pyjamas and singlet and bedding.

Enter Michelle from Cushie Tushies, who suggested some alternative boosting techniques and the simple solution of unsnapping the insert to lower the absorbent bamboo well below the top waist of the nappy cover, and we are now on our way to more dry nights!

Using the Eco inserts was helpful too, but I really wanted to be "all cloth" again. Basically, we now use two bamboo night boosters, both day time inserts, and make sure it is all sitting below the line of snaps at the front of the nappy. We have had 2 dry nights in a row this way (and I don't mean she didn't wet, just that she didn't leak - the nappy weighed almost as much as her baby brother in the morning!)

I am really happy to be able to put my daughter to bed in cloth once again without spending the rest of the night dreading stripping the bed etc at 3am and dealing with a tooth chattering and perky toddler at the same time!! Thanks Michelle and Cushie Tushies!