Crinkly, crackling nappies?

Reader Question: Why do my nappies have a crackly sort of sound? Are they broken or faulty or have I done something wrong?

Luckily you can relax! Here's a basic run down on the fabrics we use and how they work.

The fabric used inside our nappies to make them waterproof is a heat laminated, 2 millimeter thick polyurethane laminated polyester. (Sorry - that is rather technical I know!)

Basically there are two ways to laminate PUL - using heat or solvent. Heat laminated PUL is softer and more flexible, plus avoids any toxicity issues that solvents may cause for babies. Heat laminated PUL is also biodegradable in 4-5 years if composted. The PUL we use to produce our cloth nappies is the highest grade possible for this purpose.

There is a term called 'delamination', which is when the laminate comes apart from the polyester. You'll know when this has happened because your previously nice and absorbent nappies will suddenly start to leak through immediately after they've been put on! 

The biggest cause of delamination is high temperature - either in the washing or the drying of the nappies. And when I say drying, I mean in the sun OR the tumble dryer - here in Australia we must beware the hot summer sun just as much as a hot tumble dryer!

Some people think that a crinkly, crackly noise means that the PUL has delaminated. In my experience over 3 kids, this is not the case. I don't know why the fabric sometimes makes this noise, but it seems to be the nature of the fabric and it can come and go over time. 

At the end of the day, if your nappies are doing what they're meant to do, a bit of a rustle is just that - a sound!