Cloth Nappies & Daycare


Being a working Mumma the time quickly came that my boys had to have a couple of days a week at Day Care so that I could devote some much needed time to this little biz of mine.

My initial approach to my Day Care centre about using cloth on my boys was full of uncertainty and concern though to which I was quite shocked. I suppose that Cloth Nappies were such an obvious choice for me but it turns out it wasn't such a simple choice for a day care provider.

After digging a little deeper and having a few discussions it became clear that the Day Care had visions of buckets of water soaking and therefore a drowning and hygiene risk for the children in care. Introduce a Wetbag that can hang on the childs clothing and hat hook and the problem was sorted!

If you are having issues with your Child Care Centre also remember too that it is actually discrimination for a child to be denied care because of the want to use Cloth Nappies, the same as it would be if you wanted to supply breast milk for your child over formula! Have lots of discussions and get to the bottom of the objections so that they can become educated and accepting once you have made things as easy for them as possible!

So, how can you make cloth nappies easy for your child’s carer?

1. Nappies
Provide enough nappies. A couple more than you think your child would need is a good idea.

2. Wet Bag 
Send along a wet bag for storing the used nappies in. Having two of these is good so you still have one to use while the other is in the wash.

3. Liners
Put a biodegradable liner inside each nappy that you send. Even if your child’s carer doesn’t discard it but leaves it in the nappy, at least you won’t have day old poop to scrape off the nappy as you can just pull out the liner!

4. Explain
Show your child’s carer the nappy system and how it’s used. It may seem obvious to you since you use them every day but for someone who hasn’t seen them before, well, let’s just say anything is possible! Put on backwards is one that I’ve seen which was rather funny!

5. Make it Easy
Make sure you have all your boosters and covers together ready to simply open and go. We love Tadpoles for Day Care as they are stretchy, quick drying and easy to use!