Cloth Nappies & Creams: What To Do

While many parents report that their little ones experience much less nappy rash when they are wearing their Cushie Tushies, sometimes it does happen.Usually, it rears its red, angry head during teething or when bub has eaten something that irritates their skin, but you want to know how to deal with it, right?

You may have heard that traditional nappy creams are a no-no for using with modern cloth nappies.

You heard correct.Want to know why?

Thick, oil-based creams are designed to create a waterproof barrier between your baby’s skin and their wee, keeping the two apart so the skin can heal quickly.This is great for preventing further irritation, but bad news for your cloth nappy boosters because when the cream gets onto them, the cream does exactly what it is designed to do… create a waterproof barrier.Except this time it makes it difficult for the cloth booster to absorb wee - not what you need at all!

(As an aside, if you do happen to get nappy cream on your boosters, you can remove it with a strip wash.Regular washing won’t usually do the trick as the creams are oil-based!)

It’s not all bad news though and you can use a nappy cream when you need it, but there are a few things you need to know.

Some nappy creams claim to be “cloth nappy safe” - ever seen that?These are often created from natural ingredients and are gentle on your baby’s skin.There are some really lovely ones around!Here’s the kicker though - they too are most often oil based.

There’s good news though!

The oil content is often less than traditional nappy creams and because they aren’t sticky, they can usually wash out of your boosters more easily.The thing to remember is to only use as much as you need and rub it all into your baby’s skin.Don’t use these nappy creams to create a barrier as a build up on these on your boosters will still create issues for absorption.

And what if you do need a barrier cream somewhere along the line?

Use a liner!

Flushable or reusable, it’s your choice, but this is the EASIEST way to make sure you keep your Cushie Tushies in tip top condition when you need to use a nappy cream.The nappy liner keeps the cream right off your boosters and you still get all the benefits of a nappy cream to help soothe and heal sensitive skin.

So, if you remember nothing else about using nappy creams with modern cloth nappies, here’s the quick version:

  1. If you need to use a nappy cream, use a small amount and rub it right into the skin.
  2. If you need to use nappy cream as a barrier, use a flushable or reusable liner.

Keep the cream off your boosters and you’ll be laughing!