What parents say about Cushie Tushies


Just love the Mini’s Review by Kristy
I tried the minis on my second bub and found them to be a great fit!! Bub hated nappy changes when he was newborn so to have an option that required no extra folding or fiddling was excellent. He did outgrow them relatively quickly but he was an average sized baby when born so these would be brilliant for premmies. (Posted on 31/05/15)

Cloth Wipes Review by Lauren
I LOVE these!! You can never have too many as they are awesome for nappy wipes, face wipes, bath washers, cleaning up highchairs and messy hands. These have saved me so much money on baby wipes!! Teamed with the foamy wipes sanitiser they are brilliant. (Posted on 30/04/15)

Tadpoles are my Fav Nappy Review by Samantha
I really love the tadpoles for their bright fun colours and the fact that they are so easy to use. Love that they dry quickly too. These are also great as a night nappy with a second prefold! (Posted on 31/03/15)

Mini’s Review by Erin
I had my baby boy 5 months ago and was excited to use cloth as I had with my older 2 girls. My baby was only 3kg born so I used the minis for the first 3 months, I love how easy they are to use and how quick they dry, they are a great no fuss nappy change for a newborn. (Posted on 23/02/15)

My favourite nappies! Review by Carly
Ive just tried cushie tushies on my 13 week old. These nappies have just become my favorite nappies in my collection. The nappy contained the poo perfectly. And with using a bamboo liner, the clean up was minimal and so easy. I'm impressed!! (Posted on 23/10/13)

I love love love my Cushie Tushies Review by Megan
I bought my Cushies Tushies when I was pregnant with my little girl. I was a bit hesitant to use them at first because it seemed a little fiddly on a small bubba so she was in disposables for a little while until she started getting nappy rash from one of the more well known and favoured disposable brands. That was the kick I needed to start using my Cushie Tushies, it took a few days to get the hang of them but they are so easy to use, we rarely get leaks, poosplosions are completely contained in the nappies and no more nappy rash. All that and they are so much nicer than disposables and honestly the washing isn't much extra work and I put them together while watching TV. If we have another one they will be going straight into the Cushie Tushies from birth. The only thing extra thing I would ask for from Cushie Tushies would be for them to stock wool covers for overnight use. I had to buy mine elsewhere and would have loved to have got them from here instead (Posted on 21/04/13)

Thank you Review by Marilena
Thank you for a wonderful product. As my son nears the end of his cloth nappy journey (he is now toilet trained and wears one at night only), I have been highly recommeding your products to everyone that I can and will continue to do so!
Thanks & best wishes, Marilena (Posted on 10/12/12)

Well and truly worth the money Review by Shelley Tasker
They are soooooo cute in their everyday nappies, we're so happy with them and the variety of colours means they can wear them pretty much with anything.
After lots of research and review reading I was totally won over with cushie tushies at the expo in Melbourne last October. I have now been using them on my 7 week old son for a fortnight and am completely in love with them. We had to use disposables for the first 5 weeks and he had nappy rash and sweat rashes on his legs from them. Needless to say the rashes are now gone and he actually seems to enjoy his nappy changes now too. I also love how easy they are to wash and dry, and I have been showing them off to EVERYONE. Well and truly worth the money and I will definitely be getting more. Keep up the good work! (Posted on 31/10/12)

Great system! Review by Samantha Spano
Love the three chameleon nappies I received, very stylish and soft. I was very impressed in how the OSFM system works without the front snaps to adjust, makes the nappy so much nicer looking without snaps all over the front. I found the nappies to be easy to work out and had no hassle fitting them to my dear daughter. I found them such a great fit on her, so snug and not too bulky either with both inserts. Found they lasted especially for a trip to the shops without leaking. Dear daughter is a very heavy wetter and after 2 and a half hours she still did not feel damp, nice and absorbent. (Posted on 31/10/12)

Gorgeous Designs, easy to use Review by Jacqueline Bartlett-Day
I finally got the courage to snap a Cushie Tushie on my son. It was nine in the morning and I was off out for a couple of hours. Looks good and feels great. All inserts in and we're off out the door. We arrive home later with a very wet nappy on the inside but no leakages or wet clothes, I'm amazed! I grab another nappy, only this time it gets filled with the dreaded poo! Has it exploded beyond the boundaries of the cushie! Protection all around, phew! A huge hallelujah!! My courage has now been built for the night shift. The quality of the material is thick and absorbent with the added comfort of being soft to touch. I did have a preference for the disposable liners as it stopped the fabric liners from becoming stained from poo. Plus, they were soft and biodegraded within 50 days. I'm very keen to do my bit for the environment and these seem a great way to reduce my contribution to landfill. If money prevents you from travelling this journey, consider buying 3 Cushie Tushies to get yourself started and use disposables as your top up. When you can, add to your Cushie Tushie collection to suit your baby and their toileting needs. It is certainly money well spent and your baby will look adorable it which ever gorgeous design you choose. Be brave, take a leap and get your Cushie Tushie on! (Posted on 31/10/12)

Perfect fit! Review by Katie Richards
Cushie Tushies have come out on top for me. The designs are lovely. The fit on my bub is perfect (oh and i can adjust this for the next bubby too as they are osfm) The nappies are very absorbent and have not leaked. (Posted on 31/10/12)

Best designed nappy on the market Review by Jane Glynn
Having used MANY brands of re-usable nappies I have found that these are definitely the ones that are the best thought out:
Easy to work out for different sizes. I used the same size for both my 3yrs old for nights and my newborn. So they will be well worn when my newborn grows up. (Posted on 31/10/12)

So soft Review by Stephanie Davey
I love how soft the nappies are and will get a lot of use out of them for my baby. In terms of drying time a day on the line in the sun was plenty for them to dry, or on the vent overnight with the heating on 16 degrees. Being bamboo they do take some time but not as long as some nappies I have. The covers dry quickly so you could always purchase extra inserts or use the disposable inserts while waiting for the cloth to dr (Posted on 31/10/12)