How do I purchase?

How do I purchase?

There are two ways to purchase Cushie Tushies, either in person or through our web store. In person, you can purchase from one of our Consultants or Retail Stockists.

Our Consultants can demonstrate our products to you in person or at a nappy party, and will often have special discount prices available. Click here to contact your nearest Consultant via phone or email.

We have a number of Retail Stockists around Australia, both online and bricks and mortar stores. Click here to find the one nearest to you.

To make a purchase online, first you need to log in or sign up to the Cushie Tushies website.

Then, select the product range from which you want to buy, such as cloth nappies. To buy an item, simply add the quantity you’re after and click ‘add to cart’. Continue adding items to your cart until you’ve got everything you want.

When you’re ready to make your purchase, you can view the products you’ve selected and remove any if necessary. Then we will ask you to confirm your delivery details and choose your payment method (we take Visa, Mastercard, Paypal or Bank Deposit).

If you choose to Layby your order, you still need to select Direct Deposit. Then, simply write to us on telling us how much you will pay as a deposit and many weeks you need to pay off your order

For example, you may have selected 'Direct Deposit' but still want to Layby your order. You would write ito us something like this: "I need 6 weeks to pay off my Layby. I will pay a $20 deposit and will pay $50 every fortnight".

Please note that we do require a minimum 10% deposit and regular weekly or fortnightly repayments. If we receive no payment within a month of the purchase being made, we will assume the items are no longer wanted and will cancel the transaction, re-stocking the products in our store.

Once you have finished the checkout process, an email will be sent to you to confirm your order, delivery and payment details.