Wash and Care

Care & washing instructions

Do I need to soak?

Prior to first use, soak the Bamboo Boosters in plain cold water for 8 hours, then wring gently and dry thoroughly. Wash the Covers seperately in a regular wash with an environmentally friendly laundry detergent. We recommend a warm gentle wash only (40ºc) as excessive heat will degrade the fabric over time. We recommend using an environmentally friendly washing detergent, preferably Cushie Tushies' Premium Detergent for Modern Cloth Nappies.

Modern cloth nappies are easy because they don’t require bleaching, soaking, hot washing, ironing; or any of those mundane and time consuming jobs that make
traditional cloth nappies seem like a chore.

Once used, simply empty the contents of the soiled nappy into the toilet (or you can use a bio-degradable flushable liner for this if you don’t like the mess) and throw
the nappy in a dry nappy bucket, or straight in the wash. Do not soak as doing so will only spread bacteria.

For stubborn stains or potent wees, it is a good idea to rinse and ring out the nappy after use, before storing in the bucket ready for washing.

How do I wash them?

Wash wet and soiled nappies promptly – we recommend washing within 24 hours of use, to prevent the urine from corroding the fabrics and stains and odors from

Note: if your baby has particularly acidic (or stinky/concentrated) urine, please rinse your nappies immediately after use and before placing them in the nappy bucket.
This will help prevent the urine from corroding the fabric.

Regular wash in plenty of cold or warm water. We recommend cold to 40ºC, but not hotter than 60°C maximum as the heat will degrade the bamboo fabric over time.

Note: many modern washing machines, particularly front loaders, do not use much water in the regular cycle at all. This is not enough to clean your nappies! The nappies will easily soak up such small volumes of water and there will be none left to clean them! Use the ‘extra water’ setting and try not to cram the machine too full.

Tadpole Covers - It is recomended to wash Tadpole Covers in a delicates bag in a cold to 40ºC Gentle Wash Cycyle.

Cushie Tushies do not need sterilizing. Do not use bleach or nappisan, it is not necessary and can damage the waterproof lining. For best washing results, choose either a pre-wash (or rinse) then wash cycle (no soaking!).

Cold or warm washing and drying your nappies on the line or in a warm dryer, will kill any germs. In addition, the bamboo fabric has its own natural antibacterial properties that will help keep the nappy from going moldy.

Do not use fabric softener as this will damage the waterproof lining as well as decrease the absorbency of the bamboo fabric.

What about drying?

Dry immediately after washing. We advise line drying as often as possible. To reduce the strain on the bamboo fabric and the elastic, remove the boosters and hang
separately. Hang your nappies and boosters directly over the middle so there is an equal weight hanging on each side of the line. Drying with the bamboo side facing up to the sun is faster.

Using an electric dryer sometimes is ok. Use a warm setting only (not hot) to prevent the bamboo from shrinking or the waterproof lining to blister. Try to dry the absorbent boosters ONLY in the tumble dryer and keep your nappy shells over a clothes horse (to protect the waterproof lining in the outer shell).

Ensure nappies are very dry and before re-using. If the bamboo fabric is cool to touch, it is not dry. Nappies that are not fully dry before use will not be as absorbent and may leak.

What detergent should I use?

Cushie Tushies prefer our own Premium Laundry Detergent, the first detergent of its kind made in Australia specifically for use with modern cloth nappies.

Otherwise, choose a very plain washing detergent – liquid or powder. Choose one with no whiteners, brighteners, softeners, perfumes or other added enzymes. Use only the amount of detergent as instructed; using extra will build up in the fabrics and reduce absorbency.

Other detergents we recommend are Seventh Generation, Enviro Clean, Eco Store and Earth’s Choice.

As above, we advise against the use of chlorine/non-chlorine bleaches and fabric softener.