Sanitary Pads

Sanitary Pads

It’s time you gave yourself a little bit of luxury! MamaMinx sanitary pads are a modern take on an old-fashioned product that is very simple to use and provides an effective alternative to disposable pads. Not only will they save you money, but more importantly, they are so much more comfortable than the disposable options!

Secure to your underwear with snaps (rather than adhesive tape). To change, fold in half and snap together, easily avoiding any mess!

Available in three sizes and levels of absorbency: Scanties are the smallest at 22cms long, a bit bigger than a panty liner and ideal for a very light flow or mid-cycle spotting. Midzies are the ‘regular’ size at around 24cms long and suitable for a medium menstrual flow. Bigzies are your overnight pad at 30cms long, also suitable for a heavy menstrual and post partum flow. Each pack contains two pads (one pair). Please note sample photos of prints may vary to prints received.

You would use as many per day, on average, as you would disposables. To save on frequency of washing, you may wish to have enough to last a full period.


Reusable sanitary pads by MamaMinx

Bamboo reusable sanitary pads are a little bit of nature's luxury for Mum. Soothing and absorbent, this modern take on an age-old product is very simple to use and provides an effective and far more comfortable alternative to disposable pads.

Traditionally, cloth was the only option when it came to women's sanitary products as well as babies' nappies. The last generation saw a move towards using disposables, but now, thanks to advances in textiles, it is possible to have the benefits of reusable products with the ease of disposables!

Each pad is made with polyacetal snaps to hold it securely to your underwear (rather than the adhesive strip on disposables). Washable and reusable, MamaMinx sanitary pads feature a layer of bamboo and organic cotton – this fabric is super soft and low allergenic on sensitive skin, plus is extremely absorbent. A hidden waterproof layer helps prevent any leaks through onto your underwear.

Caring for your MamaMinx pads is simple: rinse immediately after use, then place in a bucket or waterproof bag until you’re ready to wash, Wash along with your regular laundry. For best results, use a plain detergent (no whiteners, softeners or perfumes) and avoid using bleach or fabric softener.

Naturally best

MamaMinx reusable sanitary pads do not contain the bleaches, perfumes or other harsh chemicals used in making disposables, making them the ideal choice for protecting sensitive skin.


Using MamaMinx cloth pads can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 40%! They use less water and energy to produce and use and do not contribute to landfill like disposables.

Easy to use, easy to clean

Shaped like a disposable sanitary pads and made with absorbent, stain-resistant fabrics, MamaMinx cloth pads are absorbent, effective and can be just as simple and easy to use as the disposable alternatives. The fabrics we use mean that cleaning is a simple, fuss-free task!

Save money

On average, menstruating women in Australia spend $70-$140 per year for 30 years on sanitary products! Amazing how much it adds up! MamaMinx cloth sanitary pads may involve a higher up-front cost than the disposable alternatives, but with each pad lasting up to 300 wears (if washed correctly), the long-term savings are clear!

Customer Reviews

I would happily recommend MamaMinx to any mother :) Review by Eliza
My experience with MamaMinx breast pads. Receiving the package was easy, as it came in regular post. There was no need to travel to the post office and pick up a parcel, which with a baby can be a nightmare. Upon opening the packet I had the unstoppable urge to rub the lovely soft pads on my cheeks (because that's the true test of softness ;) ). I was also impressed by the size of the pads, as I could tell they would prevent the 'madonna' look that small disposable ones can. Since I mainly use breast pads at night (when my little man doesn't feed as often) I was very impressed by their comfort when I first used them. There was no rubbing or irritation caused by them and the absorbency was incredible. I also found they breath well during hot nights and in no way added to the night sweats I was experiencing as a new mum. When it comes to washing I either pop them in with whatever load is going on, or I simply hand wash and hang out in the sun to dry. They dry rather fast and never have a sour milk smell about them. Overall I find MamaMinx breast pads convenient and easy to use. The company is friendly and helpful. I enjoy reading their regular Facebook updates and getting a little giggle from the mother related jokes. I would happily recommend MamaMinx breast pads to any mother :). (Posted on 18/11/13)
So happy! Review by Tiff
Lovely, soft minky fabric when I need comfort the most. I will gladly shout out your products to my friends, they need to know how comfy your feminine products are. So happy! (Posted on 14/10/13)
Love my MamaMinx! Review by Jordie
Love my MamaMinx nursing pads and sanitary pads. I started using the sanitary pads while I was pregnant and the soft, cushy fabric really helped when everything was a bit swollen and tender. Then after my daughter was born, they were lovely and absorbent and soft. The nursing pads are lovely and soft and soak up heaps without leaving you chafed or sore. Thanks MamaMinx! (Posted on 14/10/13)

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