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Breastfeeding Pads

Breastfeeding Pads

MamaMinx breastfeeding (or nursing) pads are luxurious, antibacterial and save you money! Simply wash and reuse! Made from a blend of bamboo and organic cotton. This fabric is super soft and low allergenic on sensitive skin, soothing chafed nipples, plus is extremely absorbent. The hidden waterproof layer helps prevent any leaks through onto your clothing.

Each pack contains two pads (one pair).


Reusable breastfeeding pads by MamaMinx

Bamboo reusable breastfeeding pads are a little bit of nature's luxury for Mum. Soothing and absorbent, this modern take on an age-old product is very simple to use and provides an effective alternative to disposable pads.

Each pad is 13cm diameter and topped with a soft, discreet layer of white or black minky, so the pads are not obvious through your bra or clothing.Simple to use, just place your MamaMinx breastfeeding pads over your nipples inside your bra. To wash, just pop in the machine with your regular laundry.

Naturally best

MamaMinx reusable breast pads do not contain the bleaches, perfumes or other harsh chemicals used in making disposables, making them the ideal choice for protecting sensitive skin.


Using MamaMinx breast pads can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 40%! They use less water and energy to produce and use and do not contribute to landfill like disposables.

Easy to use, easy to clean

Shaped like disposable breast pads and made with absorbent, stain-resistant fabrics, MamaMinx cloth pads are absorbent, effective and can be just as simple and easy to use as the disposable alternatives. The fabrics we use mean that cleaning is a simple, fuss-free task!

Save money

On average, new mums in Australia spend $30-$40 a month on disposable breastpads, plus more on soothing creams for sore nipples. It adds up, especially at a time of reduced income and increased expenses! One pack of MamaMinx reusable bamboo breastfeeding pads costs around the same as a pack of 50 disposable pads, and can be reused many, many times over, even with subsequent babies!

Customer Reviews

Could not recommend enough! Review by Sharny
Oh my! I honestly could not recommend these enough! So soft and beautiful when everything was so sore and they held so much liquid compared to the awful scratchy disposable ones you get at the shops that I had rarely leaked onto my bra when I woke! When I was particularly sore I actually used to leave them in after I had leaked for a little while cos they were so so soft and warm and the breastmilk heals you nicely! You could never do that with the disposable ones cos they would make you soaking wet and were cold! 10/10! 5 stars! (Posted on 2/11/16)

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