Cloth Nappies

Why choose Cushie Tushies nappy system?

When you think of cloth nappies, do your eyes glaze over with thoughts of old-fashioned fabric squares that leak, need constant changing, require folding, pins and plastic pilchers? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! 

Luckily times have changed… The new kind of modern cloth nappy is modern in every sense of the word! 

Cushie Tushies debunk all the myths and misconceptions surrounding cloth nappies. They are a premium product, while still providing incredible value for money. Our nappies are designed to be easily adjustable and fit various sizes and shapes of kids from newborn to toddlers. We use superior fabrics that are comfortable and gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. Our award winning design includes strong but comfy elastic to contain any leaks and explosions, a waterproof cover and bsorbent inner that are easy to wash, use and store, while the simple but secure front fastening system is suitable for babies of all shapes and sizes. 

Cushie Tushies is a versatile nappy system. It includes 4 different nappy ranges, the Mini cloth nappy for premature to newborn size babies, our premium chameleon cloth nappy for newborn to toddlers, our budget Tadpole cloth nappy for newborn to toddlers, and our Singles eco-disposable nappy inserts. 

The Chameleon and Tadpole covers and absorbent boosters can be used interchangeably, and both covers can be used with the Singles eco-disposable inserts. The Mini absorbent boosters can also be used to add absorbency to Chameleon and Tadpole nappies. Everything can be multi-purposed, leaving little room for waste (of materials, money or time!). 

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