Reusable Prefold 6pk

Reusable Prefold 6pk

Gentle on baby's sensitive skin and very absorbent, the Mini prefold is sized to fit our new Mini reusable nappy.  

Made from bamboo velour, at 25cm x 20cm it is sized perfectly to fit our Mini nappies. Available in a pack of 6 and comes inside a small white waterproof bag.

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The Mini nappy is a very simple and effective nappy, designed to fit premature to newborn babies. The waterproof outer cover is shaped like a disposable for ease of use. Simply place the folded absorbent Prefold inside the cover, lay baby on top, then fasten with the snaps.

The Mini's design has been tested on boys and girls from 2kg-4kg with great success.

To fit the Mini nappy on:

  • Fold the prefold into halves and place into the nappy cover.
  • Place a flushable liner over the top of the prefold if desired.
  • Place baby on top, then fasten the nappy as normal.

To use when out and about: Use one of our Waterproof nappy bags to transport your Cushie Tushies nappies when out and about.

Mess-free flushable liners: Most people love our flushable liners as they make nappy changes really easy! They are very simple to use – lay them on top of the nappy (between the cloth nappy and baby's bottom) and then put the nappy on as usual. (Note: our flushable liners are sized for our full-size nappies, so you will need to cut them in half to suit the Mini size nappy.) Basically, flushable liners catch the mess, which you then flush down the toilet leaving a relatively unsoiled nappy that is easy to wash.

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