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Nappy Change Natural Sanitiser Solution

Nappy Change Natural Sanitiser Solution

Cushie Tushies nappy change spray
* Alcohol & chemical free
* Natural plant-based ingredients
* Convenient to use
* Non-allergenic & gentle on skin

Use Cushie Tushies all natural nappy change spray to wash baby’s bottom clean at nappy change time. When used in conjunction with our reusable wipes, this nappy change spray provides a gentle, effective and easy alternative to disposable wet-wipes.

Available in a 50ml and 200ml foaming pump bottles or 1L refills.


Cushie Tushies Antibacterial Sanitiser has many uses when cleansing or sanitising is required: cleaning hands, as a wipes solution for nappy change time, sterilising surfaces such as high chairs, utensils, baby equipment or change tables when out and about. 

Cushie Tushies Antibacterial Sanitiser is a powerful, all-natural, antibacterial sanitiser. Made from plant-based ingredients, it is completely harmless to you, your family and the environment. It is non allergenic and gentle on the skin, even with regular use. Using Cushie Tushies Antibacterial Sanitiser provides lasting protection against potential cross contamination of harmful bacteria and germs.

This 50 and 200ml foaming pump pack is convenient and easy to use. Simply depress the pump – once is enough to cleanse hands, or as required for nappy changes and other uses. 

To save money and protect the environment, refill this pump pack with one of our 1L refill bottles. 

Purified Water
Natural plant-based surfactant 
Coconut derived oil solubiliser – (tall oil fatty acids derived from seed grain oils)
Soluble plant extracts and essential oils, (Clove, Cyprus, Eucalyptus, Mint, Rosemary, Savoury and Thyme.)

Click here for more detailed information about this product.

Customer Reviews

my favourite product Review by Stephanie Davey
A product I was fortunate to try was the foaming sanitiser and cloth wipes. Alongside the disposable inserts this was my favourite product. I always had the dilemma of cloth nappies and disposable wipes (and again too many chemicals for my liking). This meant a trip to the rubbish bin for the wipes and then the laundry for nappy. The sanitiser smells great and cleans bottoms beautifully...and the wipes are super soft...what a lucky baby! And best of all no more waste and only one trip to the laundry following a change. The 50ml bottle has lasted about 2 1/2 weeks for my 3 month old and I plan to purchase the larger bottle for use at home and put this one in my nappy bag with wipes. It will also be great for cleaning hands when out and about rather than the alcohol based sanitiser. I calculated that this will also be a much cheaper option than using disposable wipes. (Posted on 31/10/12)
Excellent Review by Jane Glynn
Wipes and Spray - Excellent, finally a combination product that doesn't take a water bottle to use! They are not only pretty, soft and great size, but also so easy to use for all part of the body, not just the bottom. Also the spray bottle comes in a size I can take on a plane with me, not needing to lugg 1kg of wipes! (Posted on 31/10/12)

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